1. This is a raw photos– the original photos is completely unprocessed. The link includes all photos taken on the wedding day, so in addition to the selected photos, there will be junk photos (composition test photos, light tests, out-of-focus photos, light/dark expressions, bad expressions. ,…)

2. Unedited images will not guarantee quality, uploading unedited photos online will cause misunderstandings about the product quality made by 3M. Therefore, customers are absolutely not allowed to post unedited photos online (Facebook, Instagram, other social networks, web, other social networking platforms, …) If violated, customers will bear all costs. fee. discredit 3M.

3. In addition to the 3M photos selected and edited, if you need to edit any more photos, please message Byn with the name of photos. 3M will edit and resend within 15 days

4. The link is valid until March 1, 2023, after which it will be automatically deleted. You need to complete photos download before 03/01/2023 to avoid irrecoverable data loss

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