Policy Expense

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for reimbursing 3M wedding team members for certain business travel, incidental expenses incurred on behalf of the company.

  • The following procedures apply to all business travel, entertainment and other incidental business expenses submitted for reimbursement. Expense reimbursement may be denied and/or the expense report may be returned to the team member or the appropriate level of management if these procedures are not followed.

Submission of expense reports:

  • Business travel should be submitted for reimbursement no later than thirty (30) days in Working Group Messenger on FB working on that date
  • Team members are reimbursed for meals/or and Coffee under circumstances out of town on company business not to exceed $30.00 per day of working. Meals cannot be claimed for any meal that is provided by a vendor/Client.
  • Team members must provide Original bills/receipts or scanned. All receipts must be legible.
  • Team members who travel frequently may be eligible for a company credit card. While issued through the company, charges incurred on these cards are the responsibility of the individual according to this policy.

The Team member is responsible for the maintenance and review of this policy